Company History

11 years ago, after in-depth research and the advice from Smartseal and Adseal, we decided to clean our own patios and driveways, whilst looking for solutions on how to minimise the algae and dirt build up.

Having used their sealer products, we accomplished sealing of our patios and driveways very successfully to the extent that our families and friends, who had seen the finished product, soon requested that we perform the same procedure either on their drive or patio.

Ever since then, we have expanded as a registered installer covering all tarmac, natural stone and concrete imprints. In addition, we have attended numerous training courses with Adseal and Smartseal and used excellent products available on the market, giving a quality and long lasting finish.

We are proud of the business that we have established over the past decade, showing the ability to build networking, within and around the housing market from estate agents through to companies that landscape drive and patios.


The vision of DRSolutions is to be the West Midlands’ most dynamic driveway cleaning company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a safer and easier life for people in the West Midlands and offer an efficient pressure cleaning services to areas including Worcester, Leamington Spa, Kidderminster and Coventry. Our highly trained and experienced members of staff are there to use their expertise to handle the equipment and products with the utmost safety, attention to detail and quality workmanship. Offering a complete service from start to finish, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of innovation in the latest, custom built pressure washing equipment which enables us to take on the most challenging projects with confidence. No job is too big or too small – so get in touch for more details so we can establish how we can assist you with all your driveway cleaning queries.


Our mission is to restore poorly maintained drives to their glory and prevent a build-up of moss, lichen and algae, which may pose a threat to our health and safety especially during winter and autumn season. Offering affordable services, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of solutions to assist in creating a truly unique driveway with endless design possibilities and ensuring our customers are always satisfied. Using the principal materials from reputable companies such as Smartseal and Adseal enables us to not only clean and seal most types of surfaces such as block paving imprinted concrete, crazy paving, paving slabs, natural stone, tarmac and decking, but also undertake various domestic or commercial projects including driveways, patios, roofs, guttering and decking.


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Words About the Founders

CEO / Co-Founder


Colin – is the founder of DRSolutions who is very passionate about his business but when not working Colin loves to devote his time to his family and friends. His favourite free time activities include hiking with his two little daughters and rock climbing. When he is not out and about, he enjoys practising his culinary skills in the kitchen especially while making Sunday roast for family and friends.  He also occasionally enjoys a good old game on his PS4 or playing football with his friends. He is an Indian cuisine lover and often likes to take his family out for Saturday flame-grilled peri-peri treat.

CTO / Founder


Paul – is the founder of DRSolutions, who has five children to keep him occupied at home, likes to relax while playing golf on a weekly basis or in front of his PS4 playing games with his children. He admits to constantly striving to be the best version of himself – juggling his life as a devoted husband and a father. Paul enjoys weekly barbeques with his family in the garden and occasional city breaks at the weekends. He never says ‘no’ to a friend in need and always offers help when someone is moving out of home.


What We Are Proud Of

We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, but we will not stop here. Our customers come back to us for support, advice or other assistance because they aspire to achieve the best results and that is exactly our aim. We are as ambitious a company as the customers that contact us and we intend to become a leading cleaning provider that delivers and maintains the highest level of client satisfaction. So far we have established connections and worked closely with a number of estate and letting agencies however we aspire to grow further and expand more creating additional business partnerships.


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